Construction and Industrial Accidents



Our firm can help you seek compensation against the liable party that caused the construction accident. Although there are many ways that a construction accident can occur, some of the most common incidents involve: 

  • Failure to safely prepare the ground for safe erection of scaffolding 
  • Falls from elevated platforms or floors 
  • Not having the necessary safety equipment for the job 
  • Messy workspace that causes a slip and fall 
  • Negligent supervisor or subcontractor on the construction site 
  • Improper training of construction workers 
  • Failure to follow correct safety precautions and procedures 
  • Construction vehicle equipment maintenance 

There will be a difficult task on who to hold responsible for your injury.  Construction sites usually have many different companies, people and owners used throughout the course of a construction project.  We will investigate the general contractors, property owners, architects, engineers and subcontractors. We will ask whether a third party was negligent. 

You should be careful of your Union referring you to an attorney when an accident occurs.  Often these attorneys are not looking out for your best interest.   Instead, call us, this is independent law firm with only you in mind.